About Us

Black Ballot Power

A non-partisan, national campaign, to increase Black voter turnout focusing on critical areas of the country.  A project of UMN (Union of Minority Neighborhoods)


UMN “is rewriting the rules of black politics in Massachusetts, mobilizing some of the state’s poorest citizens to push for their share of the pie.  They work for equity, not just equality.

Boston Magazine

Why Black Ballot Power

Not Voting is not an Option

In 2016 46.9 % of eligible voters did NOT vote – over 108,000,000 people.  Compared to the 2012 presidential election:

  • White voters increased.
  • Latino and Asian voters remained the same.
  • Black voters decreased.

Most experts believe that getting high Black voter turnout is key to defending our democracy.

We aim to hire professional organizers in key States.

  • States that are perennial swing states
  • States that flipped in the last election
  • States where races were decided by 1% or less of the vote.

Our website will support our organizers as well as organizers from other groups across the country.

  • Organizers can connect with potential speakers, musicians, and entertainers.
  • We will promote events taking place nationally and locally
  • We will link to sites telling people in each state where and how to register and vote.
  • We will link anyone experiencing difficulty with the electoral process with legal advisers.

“As Black Americans we must know our history, understand the power of our vote and go to the polls.”

— Horace Small

Our 30 sec. videos and promotional materials are available for all to distribute on social media. They will illuminate the history of Black voting, what Black leaders, entertainers, and our members say about the importance of voting.


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About UMN

In 2002, UMN was founded by and is run by people of African descent to ensure that trained and committed grassroots leaders of color effectively organize on issues of concern in their communities.

UMN Founder & Executive Director

Horace Small has been working professionally for non-profit organizations, government, political campaigns and unions since 1974. He has successfully organized people of color and poor people across a variety of issues that adversely impact their lives.

Our Focus Areas

Areas that include relatively high concentrations of Black people and have a high number of electoral college votes.

In the Eastern and Mid-western states, Blacks concentrate in city areas.  Therefore the percent of Black voters is dramatically higher in cities where our organizing will be grounded.

Initial targeted states Electoral college votes Percent Black Rationale
Pennsylvania 20 13 Flipped by only 1.2% (68,000 votes)
Michigan 17 15 Flipped by .3% or 13,000 votes
Wisconsin 10 8 Flipped by 1% or 27,000 votes

Additional states to consider if we raise the funds: Indiana, Minnesota, Florida, North Carolina.

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