Share Your Creativity, Share Your Inspiration

Create material to share with others about voting, send it to us, and, if it is appropriate we will post it on the site. The material can be about the history of black voting, current events, you and people you know talking about voting or issues.

Please note: We are a not-for-profit, nonpartisan organization. To maintain our tax status we cannot endorse a candidate or party. We encourage people to vote.

What are we looking for?

Whatever you think can inspire people to vote!


Original material that you create, such as:

  • Videos (30 seconds – 3 minutes long)
  • Songs
  • Photos, graphic images, cartoons

We will announce contests, judged by professionals, with CASH prizes for the best original submissions.  If the material you submit fits one of the categories it will be automatically entered. 

We would also appreciate:

  • Short Videos you have seen.  Songs and jingles you have heard
  • Powerful published articles you have read.
  • Persuasive quotes from politicians, activists, columnists, friends, or even yourself.
  • Recommendations for movies, books, TV shows, or anything else you think might persuade people to vote.

What would you like to share?

NOTE: When one of your submissions is posted on the website, your name will be displayed next to it.

Original Material That You Created

Original video
Original music
Original photo, artwork or cartoon

NOTE: Submit all images in JPEG format only. Credits should appear on the art. BBP may share submitted images on social media and may publish the images on printed materials (e.g., Posters, fliers, postcards).

Other Materials that Inspire You

Movie, book or TV recommendation
Video, song, jingle or article
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